ALTNACATLS: Ghosts and Monsters


A series of illustrations of speculative creatures. It explores ways in which organisms (in this series: animals) create, survive, and inhabit our ecologically damaged world: industrial ruins and hybrid landscapes.

There’re stories about caterpillars that feed on rubber, minuscule pollinators, monsters that adapt to erosive landscapes where tires are discarded. Half-speculation, half-possibility, the series plays around with potential changes in our climate and possible modes of adaptation and new relationships that might be born between humans and non-humans.

riso prints
10 pages, 100g paper
Zwaan Pelikaan
40 x 29 centimeters



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Pages from a speculative encyclopedia on Italy Syndrome: the socio-medical depression found among Eastern European women working as caregivers in Italy.

Essential posters for any wall with a sense of parcel-humor. A paradox on every page.

200g paper
Zwaan Pelikaan
42 x 29,7 centimeters