ATLNACATLS: Ghosts and Monsters
Speculative illustration & stories


A series of risographs inspired by “Arts of living on a damaged planet: Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene” 2017, University of Minnesota Press.

The series tries, humbly, to absorb the book’s way of thinking, imagining different creatures that live with us now, or in the future and make possible a collective survival in a damaged, capitalist, mad world.

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Graduation short film

Parcelpaedia is a film that responds to Italy Syndrome- a type of depression specific to Eastern European women who work as caregivers in Italy. The movie features Dr.Cara, a fictitious physician who examines parcels sent by these migrants to their families in Moldova. The movie creates an absurd world with its own logic, where objects are alive and active in the Moldovan-Italian migration.

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Fictitious Encyclopedia of Parcels

Dr. Cara bases his practice of studying the parcels sent home by Moldovan migrants in Italy on the first volume of encyclopedias of parcels: Parcelpaedia Volume I. 

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Speaker for the Deaf
Noise Pollution in the North Sea

Sculptures made for a project that won the Design Competition “Give a Voice to the North Sea” in the context of the awarding of the Spinozalens to French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour.

The ceramic sculptures are based on the hearing systems of different underwater species. A soundscape of noise that occurs in the North Sea is fed to each sculpture. When the soundscape plays, one can hear it, feel it (by biting on the sculpture) or see its vibration in a liquid stored in the sculpture. This way, the project tries to expand the ways in which creatures experience noice in the sea.

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