ALTNACATLS: Ghosts and Monsters


A series of illustrations of speculative creatures. It explores ways in which organisms (in this series: animals) create, survive, and inhabit our ecologically damaged world: industrial ruins and hybrid landscapes.

There’re stories about caterpillars that feed on rubber, minuscule pollinators, monsters that adapt to erosive landscapes where tires are discarded. Half-speculation, half-possibility, the series plays around with potential changes in our climate and possible modes of adaptation and new relationships that might be born between humans and non-humans.

“Ben is a bulky, clumsy figure with pimples that aim for the moon. He’s one of the species that adapted to erosive landscapes of North Germany, full of tires and poisonous tomatoes. In fact, he loves wild tomatoes that grow in unconventional places. Ben also knows how to use tires and pedals for transportation.”

“Greg was quite a player in post-capitalistic ruins. His grandparents were free caterpillars, feeding on leaves in grassy fields and growing long hairs as they pleased. But the abundancy of rubber footballs forced his generation to become police officers of leftovers. They sucked on the remains of human sport competitions. Greg’s team was one of the most valued sources of football-field-silk.”

riso prints
10 pages, 100g paper
Zwaan Pelikaan
40 x 29 centimeters